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About us
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @coinfluke
  • Office: 29 High Street, Pinner, England, HA5 5PJ
  • Whatsapp: +1(757)716-1008, +1(806)464-0608
  • Company number: 17441692
  • Company type: Private limited company
  • Nature of business: Crypto investments
  • Incorporated on: 10 july 2016
  • Confirmation statement: made on 29 April 2017 with updates
Our values

Everything that’s good is built on strong values. We call these the Inflowcoin DNA.

How we started
COINFLUKE CLOUD LIMITED started as a small private business in year 2014, which enriched so many lives with lots of profits, COINFLUKE CLOUD LIMITED is the best service that allows everyone to invest in crypto investsment on their websites, online stores, and social media accounts. It’s a non-custodial service, meaning it doesn’t hold or store your funds in any way. COINFLUKE CLOUD LIMITED supports more than 3 cryptocurrencies, and it have zero transaction fees.
Our mission is to provide a reliable investment platform for everyone around the world, which you can start with as low as $200.00 and benefit every hour, we thrive in crypto investments that's why we decieded that it will go round the world to the people who which to benefit.
Our team
Lets have a look at the list of our finest and formidable team:

James William

Chief Executive Officer

As founder of first Inflowcoin Chart mining platform, James is a long-time crypto enthusiast, and runs our operations. When he is not making ends meet, you'll likely find him doing some kind of extreme sport.

Ahmet Deniz

Accounting Director

Ahmet oversees our product strategy bringing over fifteen years of experience with both multi-national high-tech companies and start-ups. Strongly believes Nakamoto Shock is near.

Adalberto Angelo

Marketing Director

Adalberto has an extensive track record leading digital marketing operations for high-growth organizations. When he's not chasing new sources of traffic or AB testing funnels, he likes to attend music concerts.

Benjamin Lucas

Mining Director

Benjamin has programmed and piloted a wide range of startups for over 10 years and heads our development efforts. When hes not managing cloud services, you will probably find him producing or listening to music.