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  1. What is Coinfluke?
  2. Coinfluke is an online cryptocurrency advisory service, targeting the European market. It is our primary aim to enable our customers to easily, safely, and responsibly invest in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Altcoins. We support clients in setting up, allocating, diversifying, and monitoring their portfolio, while they maintain 100% ownership and control of their account and investment, we also have our physical offices allover europe.
  3. What are the advantages of using Coinfluke?
  4. No learning curve, extensive research, or administration to get in the crypto investment world. We take care of all the effort needed. Infowcoin offers full transparency and customers maintain 100% ownership of their account and money.
  5. How can I send my money to make the investment?
  6. Instructions will be provided to deposit funds to your personally owned investment account. Neither this account or the exchange that is being used is owned, controlled, or affiliated by Inflowcoin, hence we are not involved in the deposit and/or withdrawal process.
  7. Can I make a recurrent deposit?
  8. Yes, you can add funds to your personal account anytime you like, and Inflowcoin will automatically allocate them to your Balance.
  9. What are Coinfluke’s fees?
  10. At Coinfluke we believe that full transparency brings trust, loyalty, and long-term engagement. Say goodbye to hidden fees & lock-up periods; say hello to free monthly reporting. You can choose the plan that is right for you. No other fees will be charged.
  11. How will I pay for the services?
  12. We generate revenue from your investments and do all the work for you, through our high yielding risk free algorithm, so all you have to do is sit back and watch your money work for you.
  13. Is there any additional fees?
  14. Not at all! At Coinfluke we understand how annoying it is to have additional fees ruining your own investment. As a result, we have a strong company culture in providing full transparency to our customers upfront, so there will be no surprises.
  15. What is the minimun I can invest?
  16. We want to give you the best investing experience. We highly recommend a minimum of investment based on the level of diversification of your portfolio. The diversification level defines the maximum number of different cryptocurrencies that you’d like to have in your balance (low diversification up to 5, medium diversification up to 10, high diversification up to 20). To make sure all buy/sell orders will go through based on the balance we recommend you to invest:
    - A minimum of Usd 100 for a better experince
    - But our smallet minimum deposit is Usd 200
  17. Can I withdraw my money anytime?
  18. Yes, you can. As per our value proposition, you literally have full ownership of your portfolio. So, you can withdraw money anytime you want, straight to your crypto wallet, as long as you have minimum balance of Usd 100. We will give you unlimited support, in case you need any help in doing so.
  19. How is Coinfluke regulated?
  20. Inflowcoin is not regulated as neither the company, nor its activities fall under any financial regulation requirement (e.g. AFM, DNB, wwft) as per Dutch and European law. Coinfluke thoroughly vets its partners and only works with major “top-10” exchanges. User funds remain on their personal exchange account and interactions between Coinfluke and user accounts are performed by means of customer owned API keys.
  21. Are my data safe?
  22. Inflowcoin is fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), an EU regulation enforceable as of May 25, 2018. Inflowcoin stores the minimum possible amount of user data necessary to deliver its services. Stored user data includes: name, country of residence, email address, and exchange API keys (encrypted). User data will never be shared with any third party without explicit user consent. Users have the right for their user data to be forgotten, which can be requested over email.
  23. What are the main security measures in place?
  24. Security is critical for any internet-based application, especially when money is involved. As such, Inflowcoin:
    -has strict policies and procedures in place to keep Inflowcoin and its customers safe.
    -runs on Google Cloud, one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers, always up to date with the latest security standards.
    -connects to customer accounts through API keys, for which permissions are carefully selected and limited to avoid damage even in the highly unlikely event of a security breach.
    -uses a ​sha256​ algorithm to store important customer data securely, and key data is stored separately.
    -handles customer payments through encrypted, one of the largest payment providers with the latest security measures in place (e.g anti-fraud)
    -partners only with top-10 crypto exchanges such as Kraken, who maintain the latest security standards as well as thorough KYC/AML procedures.

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